New Matrix Trilogy headed to the Big Screen?

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There's a potential new trilogy of Matrix films heading to the big screen, beginning in 2017.  We don't know what they're about, yet, but we'll try to find out as more is revealed.


  • Score, would love to see that universe back on screen again. Even if they do mess it up. :P
  • Yeah, me too. I am kind of hopeful that they take some of the things to heart that many of the fans were saying about the movies. I mean, you can't please all the people all the time, but the sequels have never recovered, and it's been over 10 years. In fact, any time I have heard people bring up the Matrix in the past year or two, it's always been the same thing: don't bother with the sequels, they didn't happen. I disagree on that, as I liked a lot of what happened in them, but holy cow, it happens all the time.
  • As long as it's not a Prequel Trilogy, I'm game.
  • ("What happened to a dream deferred?")

    ("You get what anyone gets; you get a life time")

    Romeo and Juliet does not have or need a sequel.

    Now that Walt Disney owns Star Wars, they will surely make alot of money exploiting and destroying it. I anticipate (and dread) the SHAMELESS marketing and merchandise which will ensue: Group pictures of Selena Gomez, Tinkerbell, Harrison Ford and Mark Hamill (all wearing Mickey Mouse ears) GLEEFULLY waving lightsabers at Sith Lords Donald Duck and Boba Fett placed on every MADE IN CHINA product conceivable... t-shirts, backpacks, cereal bowls, bedroom sets, action figures (not to mention Legos; The company extended their intellectual property license until 2022 ) and (*enter name of anything cheap, plastic and full of lead/mercury/uranium/the SOULS of Chinese people here*) which will soon fill MANY-a-WalMart shelf and Happy Meal across the nation!
    Disney has a fond history of raping a story's soul (case in point, Michael Ende; The Neverending Story and pumping out sequel after sequel after sequel in a seemingly twisted plot to cover the earth with enough plastic that a new continent, "Disneygia" is formed (no doubt in the shape if a Mickey Mouse head).

    In sharp contrast The Wachowskis will TASTEFULLY deligate whether or not additions to their story will appear as full length motion pictures. ...I would like to believe, staying true to the spirit of the Matrix, that should additional pieces of the story be added by the Wachowskis, these hypothetical additions would NOT solely rely on their deliverence via full length motion picture, but instead use an even more creative (and less lucrative) vehicle.
    Why will they or wont they continue their awe inspiring story? Because they choose to.

    I think the matrix has a very bright future, all things considered.
  • @x534nx The Matrix is not Romeo & Juliet. That didn't get a sequel because the story was a one and done, and the title characters were dead. Disney has rocked it with a Star Wars.
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