Could this have been better with Enter the Matrix stuff included?

I think the Matrix Reloaded could have been a stronger movie had they incorporated stuff from Enter the Matrix. Remove the Zion Rave sequence entirely. I understand it was supposed to be symbolic of something that machines aren't capable of doing, but you don't have to see all of that to know that's what was happening. All of that time could have been used to incorporate the characters and storyline that went into the video game, and made the film much stronger.


  • Agreed, especially with some of the Niobe material. It's funny, I've always thought it was weird how, in the Matrix Revolutions, Niobe mentions to Morpheus that she saw the Oracle. To those of us who played Enter the Matrix, it's a really cool Easter egg...but for someone who's just watching the movie solo, it does seem like a pretty big and semi-weird thing to just throw out there in passing, especially since the Oracle's presence is so big in the series, and each of her appearances carry so much weight.
  • Exactly. I'm of the mind that the movie suffered for lack of a lot of that material. It was a cool concept, but I think both suffered. Enter the Matrix, made today by someone like the company behind the Batman Arkham games, would probably be amazing.
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