Why does Smith call the Oracle mom?

In the last movie just before Smith overwrites himself to the oracle he says this:

Agent Smith/Sati: Cookies need love like everything does.
Oracle: You are a *******, you know that?
AgentSmith: You would know, Mom.

Why does Smith call the oracle mom? I have read some explanations on other parts of the internet but they seem like kind of a stretch.


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    I believe it's actually a simple answer. She's the mother of the Matrix. He was probably being sarcastic. Either that, or she wrote him. But I kind of doubt that.
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    As defined in the 2nd movie in the scene with the Architect, the Architect is the father of the matrix and the Oracle is the mother. I doubt that the Oracle would have created Smith, because even then it's more likely the Architect made him. That would actually have been a mild but interesting twist if the Architect created Smith :o
  • I still think that it's an insult: "I'm a b*****d?? So you are my mom..."

    That's because I still don't believe that the Oracle is the mother of the Matrix ;)
  • Are you a sequel denier? :-)
  • Of course not... I only know the truth: Persephone is the mother ;)
  • There are many jokes there. lol
  • Ok... That´s true XD

    Let me remake the sentence: Persephone is the mother of Matrix...

    Much better.
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