I cannot wait!

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I am so excited for this film. The wachowskis plus tom tykver! This movies is going to be fantastic. I got myself a copy of the book and I am reading it now. It has a lot of old english language that makes it hard to follow. Does anyone know about premiere dates? I want to go to the opening premiere. I was hoping there would be one in Chicago since the wachowskis are from chicago and it is near where I live.

You can download the book cloud atlas here: http://www.mediafire.com/?2ayjvhk25anc7k6


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    There aren't any release dates listed that I've been able to find yet. I'm intrigued by the movie as well. Is that a legal link to the book?
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    So, has anyone seen it by now? Is it worth it (spending three hours and far too much money for a theater ticket)?
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