Bound (FAKE) Criterion Cover

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Those of you who don't know about the Criterion Collection here is a short description. The Criterion Collection is a DVD authoring and distribution company that specializes in creating high-quality DVDs for noteworthy contemporary and classic films. Their packages are renowned for excellent video and audio quality, excellent supplemental material made for people who appreciate film and film history, and most of all excellent DVD packaging with very good cover art. It has become a practice of fans of the Criterion Collection to make mock Criterion covers for their favorite movies.

Anyone who has the the DVD of Larry and Andy Wachowski's feature film debut 'Bound' knows just how awful the disc is. The cover artwork is framed in a copper border with "WIDESCREEN" printed in obnoxiously large letters across the spine. This is almost a bit of courtesy on the part of the publisher, because it lets you know that the video is letterboxed. So the picture is framed in a large black border on your widescreen monitor. There was absolutely effort put into the DVD menu, which is just the Republic Pictures logo. It seems the studio had one template and used that for all their movies, the chapter selection doesn't even list all of the chapters. The DVD does feature an audio commentary with Larry and Andy Wachowski, but it is an example of everything that you should not do with an audio commentary.

Because it is such a great under-seen film I believe that it is a perfect candidate to be canonized in the Collection. I'd like to see the movie cleaned up with new packaging and some good supplemental material. I'd like to see a disc with a new additional commentary on top of the old commentary featuring the stars and friends of the Wachowskis' (Joel Silver, Bill Pope, Don Davis), and an essay by Roger Ebert. (he listed 'Bound' on his top ten films of 1996 and has met the Wachowskis' in person) I have even made up a mock Criterion Cover for the film:



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