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Has anyone been following the latest controversy on Wikileaks?
The Pentagon warned lawmakers on Tuesday that WikiLeaks’ long-expected release of thousands of classified U.S. diplomatic cables could come as soon as Friday, according to a report from Bloomberg.

The cables “touch on an enormous range of very sensitive foreign policy issues,” according to an e-mail from Assistant Secretary for Legislative Affairs Elizabeth King to the Senate and House Armed Services Committees quoted in the report. “State Department cables by their nature contain everyday analysis and candid assessments that any government engages in as part of effective foreign relations…. The publication of this classified information by WikiLeaks is an irresponsible attempt to wreak havoc and destabilize global security. It potentially jeopardizes lives.”

There seems to be two points where Wikileaks has been faulted for:

(1) They have ruined vital international diplomacy and national security.

(2) They have risked the lives of countless soldiers and informants.


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    (1b) and (2) are lies, as far as I can tell.

    But (1a) is another thing and I personally think that not the US suffer most from this, but their puppets, who now lost the appearance of respectability. If anything, the US can now shove even more down their throats than before.
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    I've found this:

    Which has led to this:

    Debunked: "Wikileaks Did Not Redact The Afghanistan War Logs"

    Debunked: "Wikileaks Has Blood On Its Hands"

    Both seem well-researched.
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    nobody has been either hurt or killed because of the disclosures

    Considering that the leaks are still coming, there are so many, and that the effect of it is still unknown, it is impossible to make this claim. There's simply no easy way to do it.

    The CIA has just assembled what they called the WikiLeaks Task Force to investigate the effect of the leaks.

    Personally, I think the WikiLeaks are harmful to the world. Sometimes full transparency is not a good thing.
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    "Who watches the watchers?" comes to mind. When you're a government, you have a lot of things you have to keep track of. Crime and terrorist plots to prevent and interests abroad that needs to be kept up. I totally get all that, however, sometimes someone can become too powerful. Ever heard of "absolute power corrupts absolutely"? I believe a lot of governments world wide have too great a power. I've been in the military, I know how things work. Some things MUST be kept secret, but when everything like big screw ups gets to be kept secret, they believe they can do whatever they want. And that's not good for anyone.

    So in general, I feel that Wikileaks is a good thing. However, even they should filter out some things. Hold the government accountable for their mistakes, however let them do whats necessary to keep the people safe. Don't divulge what you know will harm the greater good.
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