My Two Matrix Fan Films

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Watch them in order, the second one follows the first. Two resistance fighters, Zeus and Pyxis are trying to save a person from the Matrix who is a catalyst in the prophecy of the one.

Here's a trailer for the 2nd one (its awesome):


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    Hi Everyone we are trying to get this great Matrix show up and running in a large theater in London, any help we can get from all the Matrix fans out there can give would be greatly appreciated
    The show is a spectacular 3D effects and live stage performance with aerial acrobatics as in the Matrix movies stunning visual effects all performed live with the latest in film technology all merged in this great live performance please do check the link below its a absolutely stunning show that would appeal to all Matrix fans as its the first stage performance absolute must for all sci fi fans
    here is the link to go to the kickstarter website

    In advance we hope to hear from you!!!
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