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MATRIX: INYSIUM represents the second of 5 possible "trilogies"

As Keanu Reeves character "Neo" represented "The One", someone 'comes to be' within the Matrix who represents a "Zero" or "Absolute Zero"

A person who is referred to as "Inysium" by the Matrix programming

Something strange is happening within the Matrix, and though the Matrix itself understands the theory behind what it is, it is something existential, and therefore cannot be fully "computed" or understood, as it exceeds both the Matrix and the human realm it's built upon

People still asleep within the Matrix start to "wake up" inside of it (still fully connected) to both a accelerated consciousness within their individual form, as well as a collective conscious "Enigma"

This is perceived by the Matrix to be a threat

These "anomylies" develop a layered self-awareness which targets and attacks not only the systems of the Matrix themselves, but those "jacked in" to the Matrix from the awakened "real" human cities like Zion

A functional disparity between them and the real humans in the Matrix, see's the "jacked in" humans not only limited by influence and interaction with these "anomylies", but sometimes completely powerless, disabled or disarmed by them

The Matrix fights back weaponizing "commutes" (transital indifferent projections within the Matrix) as secondaries/supports to the "jacked in" so that the real humans interfacing with the Matrix (albeit with synthetic help) gain a limited version of the abilities we saw agent Smith have in the original Matrix. Where random people passing in the street become weaponised "extensions" of their mind, to assist them in fighting the influence of the "Enigma", which starts using the very construct of the Matrix itself (the world around them) to fight off the "Jacked in" as well as the original Matrix programming itself. As if it were the immune system of the world, fighting off a disease

Something neither the humans or the Matrix have seen before (think final destination, but influenced by the Enigma collective who confront the Matrix and jacked-in humans

In the second movie of the triology, Neo is "woken"

A much skinner, depleted, and slightly withered/aged looking version of the Neo from the original series. He is (quite literally) physically "spat out" of the Matrix interface which we saw him connected to at the end of the original series

For reasons that nobody seems to understand, not even himself

He is locked out of the Matrix, which seems to be closing down not only extensions to those "jacked in" such as himself, but also closing down upon itself

Almost as if it is protecting itself from what it sees as a "infection" but shutting down. Kinda like how a body goes into a coma state, to try repair itself. It no longer communicates with the "real" population it had formed a alliance with. It goes silent

But far from being beneficial to the awakened "real" people of the world it appears to be detrimental

The coding within the Matrix begins to evolve/adapt in ways they can't quite understand

Something is happening which may see them not only opposed and physically confronted by Matrix and those others within it, but locked out of it completely

The machines begin what is referred to as "Harvest Protocol". Where entire batches of the "possibly infected" people contributing to the Enigma are euthanised in a accelerated depletion of their "life" to be (quite literally this time) stored as batteries

Their physical form within the Matrix realm replaced by a digital cloned "commute" by the Matrix systems, in a attempt to try restore influence/control back to itself

The purpose of doing this, is that it helps them in finding and identifying the "absolute zero" point, which they (and the humans) seem to be somehow blind to seeing/finding

Something they speculate is because they represent a higher energetic "influx" focus point for the real world that both the humans and Matrix exist within

The harvested people literally have the life sucked out of them. Aging rapidly as they output their entire essence into energetic storage, and die. So their life-force "energy" can be used in a "calculated" cloned lifetime, of what "would have been" that persons existence

So the person is gone, but to others within the system the person still seems alive and well. They are replacing the world with digital clones, using their "milked energy" to fool those they interact with into believing they are the real thing

The awakened humans have to find a way to align the enigma and the anomylies contributing to it, or it appears as though the Matrix system is going to kill every last person within the Matrix in its attempt to "contain" the evolving/adapting changes taking place within it, and locate the people it is focused through

((Note: There are actually two people who "could" represent the Zero, or Absolute Zero. This has to be so, due to polarasation within a cyclic toroidal environment. Though neither represent a definative positve/negative to the other, they are both ... a balance of both. Though there is dominance within this, it is impossible to tell which one is the "actual" (absolute) zero, and which is just the "reply" zero that balances them. Also worth noting that they are on almost opposite sides of the world. Almost! Not exactly! It is also deemed to be possibly devastating (if not "the end of all things") to kill either, or both of these people. To do so may very well be like breaking the branch that keeps you hanging, or pulling the rug from under your own feet

There is also three people known as "Ka". That represent the "off-centre" balance to the Zero/Absolute zero. And opposite again in balance to these "Ka" are a group of several million people. These millions are the ones that the Matrix targets, to be killed off and replaced, in order to locate "The Three". From whom they will be able to isolate and locate the Zero/Absolute Zero

Several of "The Three" are killed off within the movies, in order to create a ripple/flux within the system as they are 'replaced', to help lead the Matrix to their target

Every time one (or all) of these three are killed, the next closest "possible" person/match within the collective of the planet takes their place as a focus point

These three cannot be permanently removed/killed, only "pruned" so to speak. To keep the three in a constant "confused" state of being newly awoken, from one dying before them, allows the Matrix some semblance of control over them. Until they become a threat, when they are also killed, to be replaced by a new and more compliant version of themselves ))

The imperetive of the movies (and for Neo) is that they need to find the "Absolute zero". The person who represents the "cross-flux" point for the entire Matrix

The person who sits at the point which represents the reversal of entropy, where complexity reaches its maximum and triggers a (albeit inperceivable) pole shift. To continue its function back the other way. A point where all the complete coding of all the systems within the Matrix and their possibilities, probabilities and perpetuated cyclic "happenings" (such as the precipitation of time itself) converge into one focus point. All phasing, variance and seemingly chaotic systems come together in a point of "essence" much like the very sun itself. A mirror to it in actual fact. The very same one they speak of within our "religions", that represents the form of not only the Matrix itself and all the collective and individual consciousness within it, but the forms of the immutable formative systems of existence which sit above and before it, that influence it and bring it into being

"Absolute zero"


  • And within this convergence exists the Inysium, the "zero" counterpart to neos "one". Who unlike Neo, doesn't just influence the system, THEY ARE THE SYSTEM!

    In exceeding ways that no amount of restrictive coding such as the Matrix could ever limit

    They are, in essence, God. Born into human form

    And the universal "realm" around the matrix, which it would not/could not exist without, begins to bleed through through from the inside out, to meet itself

    The only chance that the Matrix and all those connected to it seem to have; machine, human or otherwise; is to find this person and have them appease the influence they are either knowingly, or unwittingly inflicting upon the system

    Neo is "reborn" into the world he gave up his life to protect. Once again, subject to its limitations and frailty. Needing to be "jacked in" through human systems, he has lost his influence over the system

    But he may very well be the only person capable of finding the Inysium, and working out a way to either work with them, become one with them for the good of all connected to the system, or if necessary defeat/destroy them

    If such a thing is even possible.

    A David/Goliath story which could be more accurately described as "Jesus versus God"

    (( Note: The interactions between "The One" and "The Zero" in the third movie will be amazing to see on film. A particular part will involve "an instant" (such as the split-second it takes for a though to pass through your head) where Neo is about to physically attack his counterpart, being perceptibly "slowed down" for Neo by the Inysium. A water drop slows to freeze in mid-air. Within this, Neo is shown (in what appears to be real-time) every possible sequence and scenario that could take place as a result of his attack. To show him that he's already lost before he even throws a punch.

    Time speeds back up out of that moment, the water drop hits the floor. Neo is taken aback momentarily. "What just happened?" (A particular character) standing beside Neo asks as if "sensing" what the other two just experienced. "A little hard to explain, isn't it Neo?" says the Inysium glaring at Neo solemnly and knowingly ...

    Neo puts out his hand and holds back (a particular character), "No! .... We don't win ... Not like this."

    It will also show Neo's "re-ascent" by learning to integrate himself into the non-linear dynamics of cyclic time. A little like the recent movie "Arrival" except the influence is seamless to the world around you. Meaning that what is changed is barely noticeable to anyone but the one "influencing" time.

    This gets very interesting when Neo begins to understand how to influence the cycles of time and sequences of probability almost to the degree of his counterpart, because when he does their attempts to "negate" each others changes and abilities, does not go so "unnoticed".

    It has some very interesting and MASSIVE consequences on the world around them. Things which begin to affect the "real world" reality itself in ways similar to how it can be effected within the Matrix realm, by the two realities being forced into being somewhat "blended" by those influencing them from both above and within.

    The consequences of which may end up destroying the very fabric of all-known reality, if not all existence itself ))

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