What format (or formats) would you like to see new Matrix stories?

Video Games

It looks like Warner Brothers was developing a TV series, but changed gears and decided to go the film route again. Books have never been written about the Matrix, not even adaptations of the films by noted Science Fiction writers. There were two volumes of comics. There were also a few video games.

The Matrix is something that deserves to be explored in all mediums... what is your preference?


  • So it's always bugged me that the Matrix never got any novels...I was one of those nerds in the mid 2000s who tried writing his own Matrix stories haha. I've also always been a little surprised that The Matrix didn't delve more into comics than it did...I loved the two volumes that we got, but I feel like
  • Yeah.. I agree... there could have been a LOT more comics. I think Burlyman Entertainment (the Wachowski's comic book company) should have tackled that as an ongoing series. It would have been really cool, and I think the company might still exist today. If not, they might have licensed the property to another comic book company. Back then, Dreamwave could have done it. Today, I think IDW would be my choice, but Image would probably be a better company to take it on.

    It's always bugged me that they never did any novels as well. I don't understand why that never happened.
  • So I just looked up Burlyman Entertainment–it looks like their Facebook page's last update was in December 2014, although the fact that they haven't taken it down maybe is a sign that they still want to do some more stuff down the road? It'd be cool to see them come out with some more stuff–I love the idea of an ongoing. IDW would do a great job, as would Image; I could also see Dark Horse really wanting a go at the franchise, if only to be able to add one one more movie franchise to their belt :)
  • I hadn't thought of Dark Horse. They would be a good home for a Matrix comic license as well!
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