Michael B. Jordan in Matrix Reboot at Warner Brothers?

What do you think about this news? I'm actually fine with it.
Matrix Reboot


  • I am too. I actually like the idea of him as a young Morpheus, but I did he also projects enough of an innate curiosity that he'd fit in well as an all-new character, too.
  • I would like it to be a totally unique new character as well. I can see them using Morpheus, as he's a known character, though.
  • It seems kinda odd to me that there aren't a lot of others that see this major miss from Matrix fans and movie buffs in general.

    No - NO REBOOTS. The story is not finished! "As long as the Matrix exists, the human race will never be free".

    I really get the vibe from the Wachowski's that they consider the story concluded. But - at the end of Revolutions - they only left it in a slightly nicer status quo IMO. They left so many doors open to continue the story. Now you have Neo, and Sati and the Oracle - part of the machine system - is not only on board with Sati's existence, she seems to have wanted it. Maybe the Oracle is now on the humans side("You've made a believer out of me"). To me Sati is the X-factor that would completely alter the playing field in the next iteration(begun at the end of Revolutions) of the Matrix. By the time the next Neo chapter would begin, she'd be an adult. So now, you may have Neo hooking up her - say before he meets Trinity. I know this would throw the whole prophecy thing out of alignment, but isn't that what is needed to give the humans the change to finally defeat the machines? Let's say Sati finds Neo first with the intention of throwing the architect off his game - now he can't anticipate what is going to happen. Morpheus and the rest would be scrambling to keep up, but that's perfect. This is their REAL chance to beat the machines once and for all.
  • On second thought - no - I don't think Neo would hookup with Sati. She's a program. But it still could work out with her as his ally. The 2 combined would be a very powerful force.
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