Wow, life is crazy! I didn't believe in God or anything spiritual up until around 18 and now I appear to be the most epic guy ever sharing qualities with the character Neo from The Matrix. So much so it seems too much to be coincidence. I'm mystified though trying to understand how it can be, yet it is. I remember a while back even having a dream me and Keanu showing up at a fan meet and greet event where we were both Neo. I swear to God on everything I love most I'm trying hard to be totally truthful here.

I'm hugely different from Neo, but for a real life guy our list of similarities boggles the mind. Girlfriend/wife trinity in another world without trying to relate to the movie, check. Real name Thomas with history as a programmer for a respectable software company and some history with hacking, check. Last name with the syllable "son/sun" while appearing positioned to basically maybe save the world, check. Supernatural type power related to martial arts, check.

All that being said though, I'm a real person trying to understand how to look at things. The quote Cypher used "What a mind job!" comes to mind thinking about things like what if Neo's girlfriend Trinity was a prophesy about my epic supernatural love story with my girlfriend/wife trinity.

I'm so confused wondering where people are at in life with their style of reality. For instance the other day on this website I sensed energy from Keanu's picture in the background graphics on this website lead to causing a twitch at my wallet pocket when I'm suffering due to lack of money. Was there genuine spiritual level communication between our souls where his wanted to help me out? Not sure, but that's what it seems like. So much is a mystery. Even while writing this I think I felt my girlfriend/wife trinity squeeze one of my buns from a higher level, but as of yet that level is a mystery to me.

Anyone excited to hear more? I swear to God as the soul writing this text it's all true and request God punish me severely if I was intentionally dishonest at all.


  • Dang, it looks like this forum isn't active anymore hardly. :( I wonder what happens for the world if I go public about my story... One time I was tempted to ask the CIA for advice what's best, but their internet contact form submission caused an unexpected site error and it didn't send.
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