SlackerNeo: The matrix is an excuse for Neo to slacker

I feel that the matrix is about a slacker's journey to valid his existence in a selfish way.
If not for the hand handedness of the agent's method of quelling dissent, nobody would have thought escaping the matrix is possible- ie the matrix isn't real.
I mean, all the other humans plug in could've figured out that their life within the matrix could have been a lie, but still carried on regardless- our lives could be a lie too but do we think we are actually living within the matrix?
The trilogy then proceed to show the slacker neo on a journey of self discovery, leaving work without a notice, a self discovery that leads to the eventual conclusion that he is merely a wave in the ocean.. That choice is an illusion that you can stubbornly "choose" to make. Simply by saying "I resist because I choose to". Come on Neo, you could simply be on your desk on time or choose to find yourself another job! What difference does it make?
Cool story neo.. I bet there are others like cypher that prefer to get on with living.. Constant doubting or choosing to believe in the system and get on with it, even with the knowledge the "matrix" is artificial doesn't make a real difference.

Thoughts please? I'm referring to the entire trilogy
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