Halo: Reach

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Some campaign images to kick off a thread for the game, which releases on the 14th of this month I believe.


Still posting from my phone, no net on comp yet at new place so no embedded images to pretty up the post, deal with it :)

Anyone else kinda feel like reach has come quickly? Feels like its just come before I've had that downtime to wait for it, maybe being able to not think about it and also the beta helped.


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    It's actually next month but still pretty soon.

    It's first Halo game I actually care about since Halo 3. I could've lived without Halo Wars and ODST. I hope that the campaign in Reach is more enjoyable then Halo 3's was.

    I hope the shooting feels more up to date, that might be the deciding factor if I buy the game or just rent it. I played ODST right after playing Modern Warfare 2 and it was not good. It was extremely frustrating trying to shoot anything more than 50 feet away.
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    yea I think you've said that before and my response was that halo is a very different kind of shooter than mw2. it relies heavily on mid-range combat allowing lots of melee/grenade usage to be mixed in equal parts.
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    Reach is great. It was the most enjoyable Halo game I've played. Reach was able to avoid most of the problems I had with the previous games. It had more accurate weapons, better level design, the grunts were less clownish, and best of all no flood. I was also super impressed by the AI. Halo always had great AI but something about this game seemed better than the previous ones. Maybe it's the return of the Elites that make it seem so impressive. Those Elites are tricky bastards.

    It was a great way for Bungie to end their history with the series. Now I hope Microsoft doesn't screw it up.
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    OK So I just noticed that Halo's cross-hair is positioned lower on the screen (not centered). Apparently it's been like this since Halo 2. I think it's awesome, it makes perfect sense, but I can't believe I didn't notice that before. Bunch of mad scientists working a Bungie. :)
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