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Dead End Thrills is a website dedicated to videogame photography, an emerging art form that’s as far from the average screenshot as it is the average photograph. In the virtual worlds of modern 3D games, the snapper has something their traditional counterpart does not: a supernatural level of control. Light, gravity and time are just toggles, sliders and developer commands.

4347119537_b326636078_m.jpg 4348042058_7c461545f6_m.jpg

Often is the case of mods being used and showcased, which seems to keep things interesting to those of use that have actually played most these games. Seeing something like the Liberty Prime X character model is very cool. Flickr's 'interesting' algorythm does a decent job of picking out actually more interesting images, so here's a link to a search of the gallery displaying what Flickr deems interesting. It's generally better then just looking through the raw galleries, especially if you're just doing a glance through.

I currently use an app (John's Background Switcher) to automatically grab images from this specific Flickr stream/user and display them as my wallpapers at their original resolutions, different ones for each of my monitors, it's a nice and powerful little app :)

PS: 5 Image restriction for posts is pretty 1998, most images are off-linked anyways and cost little to no bandwidth to the forum.


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