The Matrix Unplugged [Matrix Themed, Text-Based MMORPG]

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I was going to post this in "The Matrix Gaming", but I couldn't really find an appropriate spot, so I guess this'll do :P
Basically, I've been working on a Matrix-themed, browser/text-based MMORPG for a few months now, and I recently released a public alpha demo. It currently has a small member community, and the bulk of the gameplay is in place at the moment. If you're interested in signing up and helping us to alpha test, it'd be great to have you! You can sign up and play for free at .

A few of the things which I've implemented so far include:
  • In-game Events and Messages.
  • Player profiles (you can browse the profile pages of other players, and are given options to send messages, send cash and even initiate combat)
  • The Training System (allowing players to train their core stats: Combat, Coding, Hacking and Tactics).
  • The Missions System (allowing players to carry out tasks in exchange for Items, Money or Experience Points).
  • Basic in-game combat (still work-in-progress).
  • Training Programs (programs which the user can run to not only raise their stats, but also provide them with special abilities, such as Hyperjumping or Bullet Dodging).
  • Basic hacking abilities (still work-in-progress).
  • Public Item Markets.
  • NPCs (Exiles, Redpills, Agents etc.) + NPC Combat.
  • In-Game Forums.
  • Teleportation through District Hardlines (allowing the user to travel to various other areas within MegaCity).

Here're some in-game screenshots:

Here's the current Explore page, linking to all of the major game features which aren't directly part of the core (since all the core features can be accessed through the sidebar)

This is a snapshot of the combat system, which I recently streamlined. The graphical health bars are new, but I still have a number of ideas about how we can make the combat much more meaty. Still, it's fun to see me getting completely beaten up by Morpheus!

This is the beta version of the selection interface for Advanced Training Programs. Essentially, these allow the user to learn new skills and improve their stats in exchange for a small amount of in-game money. Advanced Training Programs tend to yield much higher stat bonuses than normal training, but they can take several days to complete (depending on the program).

This is the Basic Training system, which allows users to train their core stats (Combat, Coding, Hacking or Tactics), provided that they have enough Focus (which only refills every 5 minutes). The interface is far from perfect, however.

Those are some of the main features which are available at present for anyone who signs up for our alpha. Updates are coming pretty quickly, so there's almost always something new to see whenever you log in. I would very much appreciate any and all feedback which you guys could provide!



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    As of yesterday morning, The Matrix unplugged is now out of the dark days of beta and has embraced its very first public release version!
    There've been some really major changes to the game since my last post - including a completely new design and layout, in-game chat/forums, better combat, countless more items, weapons, NPCs etc., as well as a hovercraft crew and organizations system. Come check it out!
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    Looks pretty interesting, I've signed up as "Reptile".
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    Looks brilliant, but text-based games aren't really in my taste :p
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