"Matrix.Butterfly" fan film (c) 2011


Film is based on 'Butterfly' comics by Dave Gibbons, was published on official 'Matrix' Trilogy web page. Leading hero, Zion resident named 'Crow', persecuted by agents White, Cooper and Carpenter is trying to escape from the Matrix. The only one phone line intact lies in dojo, owned by mysterious Huang Long...

Comics text (presented in the film by subtitles) is famous Chinese Chuang Tzu butterfly dream parable.

Official webpage (has English version, also can be found in my signature) : http://matrix-butterfly.net.ua


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    Awesome! Thanks! I'll post it to the news. Hope to see a link back to MFN on the website soon.
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    Surely link to matrixfans.net will be immediately posted in "links" of both films webpages.
    Thank You.
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    Cool, thanks for that. I love the animation at the beginning of the film. You guys are very talented! I should give you the footage from my fan film and have you guys edit it. haha
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    Unfortunately this one seems to be our last project.
    We have some plans and scenarios (non-Matrix), but will consider it's realisation only in the case of funding.

    If it's possible for You, guys, registred on IMDB, please, give us rating support on both projects. It may help in the future projects (such as donations on "contacts" pages of the films, but I am not asking for that :) ). I will soon inform You about "Butterfly" IMDB page, I hope, and will add IMDB page to "Wrong Number" theme right now.

    P.S. Also links to MFN - already done.
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    "Butterfly" IMDB page, is here.

    It needs some (already done? but the base are slow to light it) corrections.

    Your reviews, adds, corrections etc and, especially, rating votes (it will help us) are very welcome!
  • We've got tweet from Dave Gibbons, "Butterfly" (also "Watchmen" and many others) comics author.

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    Your rating votes, reviews, etc. on both Matrix.Wrong number. and Matrix. Butterly. IMDB pages are still very welcome!

    Thank You!
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